Patriot Solar Panels Energy is the top California solar panel installer in the area.

Installation Steps

A California solar panel installer follows a certain number of steps in the installation process. One of the first steps is to make sure the roof is compatible, so the solar panel contractor Thousand Oaks can begin the installation process. After the roof has been deemed safe for panels, Patriot Solar Panels Energy can begin the installation.

The Panels

The panels themselves are installed directly onto the roof by a solar panel contractor Thousand Oaks and can usually be done in one to two days. They may need to be cleaned once a year for optimal performance, but take very little maintenance compared to the long term benefits.


Many studies have shown that investing in solar panels Thousand Oaks CA is a very affordable decision. Homeowners see enough savings over just a few years to pay back their initial investment. This is especially true with current solar installation incentives

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